Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Smoke Filled Room- Bystander Effect

This second video shows the bystander effect in the situation of a smoke filled room. This is adapted from Darley and Latané's experiment in 1968.

The first condition, a participant fills out a survey alone. Smoke soon appears through a vent door.

The second conditon, a participant fills out a survey amongst a number of confederates. Again, smoke appears through a vent, each confederate fails to notice, and the participant fails to act. This experiment is a replica of the 1968 study by Darley & Latane.


Alan Urdaibay said...

'The smoke filled room' might also be called 'global warming.'

Reinforcing Mike said...

This is a very cool post. There is so much research on this bystander type effect.

This reminds of the Asch Conformity Experiment, just with more severe consequences. I wonder how the severity of the situation reacts with the effect of inaction?