Monday, August 13, 2007

Unethical Psychological Experiments

I was just searching the web for some of the classic studies for topic 3 , and came across the 'Russian Baby Experiment.' This is a section from the website...

'The theory argued that human infants are not only dependent on it's mother for food and protection but equally important is their touch and presence. Absent of the latter two, it was theorized that human babies would not be able to survive. To test this theory, scientist took babies and completely cut them off from any form of human contact. They made sure that the babies were fed and kept warm. They wanted everything that a baby needed to be taken care of without any human contact. The results were suprising. One by one, the babies passed away.'

The author is not 100% sure if this experiment was acutally conducted, however if it was it obviously unethical but also very cruel. Has anyone else heard of any other experiments like this?

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My teacher showed us a actual video that showed these babies, it was in my communication class