Friday, August 31, 2007

Experiment Locations- Reply to James Neill

Albert Bandura was born in Canada but moved to the United States, where in 1953 he started working at the Stanford University in California and later conducted his Bobo doll experiment in 1961.

Kenneth Clark was born in the Panama Cancal Zone and migrated to the United States to live in New York City. He conducted the doll test with his wife in 1940, at this time he had just received a Ph.D in psychology from Columbia University.

Stanley Milgram was born in New York in 1933, where he was a student and worked at several universities including; Harvard University, Yale University and the Graduate Center of the City University. He conducted his ‘lost letter’ experiment in 1977, and was still living in New York.

Muzafer Sherif was born in Turkey in 1906. He obtained his Master’s Degree in 1928 at Istanbul University and continued studying at the Harvard University in 1929. Sherif conducted his famous ‘Robbers Cave’ experiment in 1961 at the Boy Scots of America Camp held on the Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma.

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James Neill said...

Wow Bec - that's an impressive response - thanks. I had guessed they were all US studies, but that helps to confirm it. I think this is a good example of a useful, additional appendix, so make sure you include a reference/link to this from your main essay.